Terroir x Crunklestein - Incycler Tube

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From the Limited! 2023 Crunklestein x Terroir Drop! Introducing a one of a kind collaboration encapsulating the perfect blend of function and beauty!

We are extremely proud to have been part of the Terroir x Crunklestein Artist Series and National Drop and get this rare gem between the two of them. The Incycler from Terroir is one of our favorite tube designs, it is extremely innovative and works extremely well for a clean, flavorful and smooth experience. Water passes from the slitted Perc up through the turbine tubing which acts as an uptake spiraling the water up and dropping it down through the hollow center, cleanly shaped Venturi and crispy drain. The Vibrant Crunklestein skull millefiori on the neck and in the base really make this gem pop,  

terroir.. all designs are created and blown right out of sunny Southern California ! Terroir, for many years has been elevating the game with alterations and original designs that enhance the smoking experience. 

this piece is a 14mm 90 degree and comes included with a signature slide!